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This page explains in detail the interactions between the Alex Rider series and the Wario series.

Stormbreaker (movie)

AR Stormbreaker WWTo

WarioWare: Touched! behind Smithers in Stormbreaker.

20060721 July 21, 2006

Alex Rider4Arrow L Wario

In the scene in the movie Stormbreaker where the character Smithers, played by Stephen Fry, shows Alex his gadgets, including a modified Nintendo DS, boxes for WarioWare: Touched! can be seen behind him.

Note that there also are boxes for Super Mario 64 DS and Yoshi Touch & Go.


The movie producers actually signed a deal with Nintendo to use the Nintendo DS as a prominent feature in the movie. This deal likely also included the use of Nintendo games, such as WarioWare:Touched!.

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