This page explains in detail the interactions between the American Dad! series and the Donkey Kong series.

American Dad! episode Spring Breakup

20080518 May 18, 2008

AmericanDad 416 DK


American Dad!4Arrow L Donkey Kong

The sixteenth episode of season 4 of American Dad! (Episode #58) is about Roger organizing a spring break party in the Smith's house. In a scene a gorilla is on top of a mountain of beer kegs and then throws one at the people down, spoofing Donkey Kong.

American Dad! episode For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls

20101212 December 12, 2010


American Dad!4Arrow L Donkey Kong

AmericanDad 708 DK

In the eighth episode of season 7 of American Dad! (Episode #104), Roger goes to a moonshiner named Bob Todd searching for the strongest whiskey possible. Drinking Bob Todd's whiskey causes Roger to have allucinations, and in one of the trials he has to face in order to learn how to make the whiskey, they reenact the 25m level from Donkey Kong, with a girl looking like Pauline on top and Bob Todd in the form of a four-armed monster taking on the role of Donkey Kong, while Roger jumps over barrels like Mario. Bob Todd also vocally does the background music and sound effects from the game. As Roger finally reaches and kisses the girl, this is revealed to actually be a raccoon.

American Dad! episode A Piñata Named Desire

AmericanDad 711 Mario

20110213 February 13, 2011


American Dad!4Arrow L Donkey Kong

In a scene in the eleventh episode of season 7 of American Dad! (Episode #107), during a flashback, Barry is seen wearing a shirt with an image of a character looking like Mario on it.

American Dad! episode School Lies

2011043 April 3, 2011


American Dad!4Arrow L Donkey Kong

In a scene in the fourteenth episode of season 7 of American Dad! (Episode #110), on the outside of an arcade there are many posters, including one with the image of Mario. On the inside, an arcade game based on Donkey Kong can be seen on the background.

Other games parodied are Pac-Man, Centipede, Joust and Q*bert


The creators of American Dad! didn't hold any right over Nintendo's Donkey Kong, but they only included minor references to the game.

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