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Atragon is a series by Toho Studios about the Undersea Battleship Gotengo.


Atragon (海底軍艦 Kaitei Gunkan?, lit. Undersea Battleship), December 22nd, 1963.

Super Atragon, 1995

Links to Other Series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Godzilla1968081 August 1, 1968Manda from Atragon appears in the Godzilla film Destroy All Monsters, and appears in other Godzilla media.1
5Arrow R The War in Space19771217 December 17, 1977The Gohten is an homage to the Gotengo from Atragon.3
5Arrow R Super Star God20051217 December 17, 2005The Gotengo appears in the film Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie: Fight! Star Soldiers.1

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