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Boxing is a videogame released by Nintendo in the Game & Watch Micro Vs. series on July 31, 1984. The game features two controllers, each with a directional pad to move each boxer, and a button to punch. It was later also released as Punch-Out!!.

The game was also included in Game & Watch Gallery Advance, released for Game Boy Advance on October 25, 2002, where it's featured in two versions: "Classic", based on the original game, and "Modern", with updated gameplay and graphics featuring Mario characters.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Punch-Out!!19840903 September 03, 1984The Game & Watch Punch-Out!! is a re-release of Boxing.1

Double Arrow R

Urban Champion19841114 November 14, 1984Urban Champion is an adaptation of Boxing.3
5Arrow R Game & Watch Gallery19970201 February 01, 1997Boxing is included in Game & Watch Gallery as one of the "Gallery" games and in Game & Watch Gallery Advance as a playable game.2
4Arrow L Mario20021025 October 25, 2002UNDIRECT: Modern Boxing within Game & Watch Gallery Advance features elements from the Mario series.1

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