This page explains in detail the interactions between the Captain N series and the Mario series.

Captain N: The Game Master

19890909 September 09, 1989

Captain N4Arrow L Mario

Captain N The Game Master - Kevin In Videoland (Season 1, Episode 1)23:04

Captain N The Game Master - Kevin In Videoland (Season 1, Episode 1)

The first episode of Captain N: The Game Master. The only Mario reference in the entire series can be heard at 4:20.

The animated TV show Captain N: The Game Master is about Kevin, a Teenager who's transported to Videoland, a world inhabited by videogame characters, to become the hero Captain N.

Despite the show featuring characters from nearly every major Nintendo game, as well as some obscure ones, Mario games weren't represented, possibly because of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show airing around the same time, which featured the characters and world of the Mario games.

The series occasionally did include music and sound effects from Mario games, and specifically reused some of the background music from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. The only direct reference to the Mario series is in the series' first episode, titled "Kevin In Videoland". After Kevin is sucked into videoland, he talks to Princess Lana:

Where am I?
You're in Videoland. The Ultimate Warp Zone brought you here.
You mean like Warp Zone in Super Mario Brothers?
Something like that.

Captain N: the Game Master comic

CaptainN comic 01 Mario

Kevin is introduced in "Welcome to Videoland".



Captain N4Arrow L Mario

Just like the TV show, the Captain N comic doesn't feature any character from Mario, likely because of Valiant already publishing a Super Mario Bros. comic. However, in the first episode, titled "Welcome to Videoland", as Kevin is introduced, he's seen playing a game that's very likely supposed to be Super Mario Bros., and he also has a portrait of Mario on the wall. This scene basically replaces the live action segment on the show where he was seen playing Punch-Out!!

Captain N & The Video Game Masters

19920914 September 14, 1992

Captain N5Arrow R Mario

Captain N & The Videogame Masters00:27

Captain N & The Videogame Masters

The show's introduction.

Captain N & The Video Game Masters was a 65-episode package that included episodes of Captain N: The Game Master, The Legend of Zelda, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World. It aired from September 14, 1992 to September 3, 1993.

After the introduction played, the show went to a commercial break and then the proper opening to whichever show that was being aired that day was shown. In this rerun, the shows were sometimes compressed and split into two acts. Also, when The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 aired, the order of the shorts was reversed (for example, the first episode aired as "Reptiles in the Rose Garden/Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas", rather than "Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas/Reptiles in the Rose Garden", as in the original cartoon).


The Captain N TV show was produced by Nintendo, that holds the rights for the Mario series.

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