This page explains in detail the interactions between the Daigasso! Band Brothers series and the Mario series.

Daigasso! Band Brothers

20041202 December 02, 2004

Daigasso! Band Brothers4Arrow L Mario

The game includes three music tracks from Mario games:

  • "Athletic" from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
  • "Mario Medley", a medley of arious tracks from Mario games.
  • "Slider" from Super Mario 64 DS.

Daigasso! Band Brothers DX

20060626 June 26, 2006


Daigasso! Band Brothers4Arrow L Mario

This game includes Two music tracks from the Mario series:

  • "Super Mario Medley", a medley of various songs from the Mario series, specifically "Ground Theme" from Super Mario Bros., "Ground Theme" from Super Mario World, "Ground Theme" from Super Mario Bros. 3, "Ground Theme" from Super Mario Land, "Delfino Plaza" from Super Mario Sunshine, and "Bob-omb Battlefield" from Super Mario 64.
  • "Super Mario Kart Medley", a medley of various songs from Super Mario Kart, specifically the "Title", "Mario Circuit", "Donut Plains", "Koopa Beach", "Vanilla Lake", "Rainbow Road" and "Finish Line".


Copyrights for both series are held by Nintendo.

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