This page explains in detail the interactions between the Dance Dance Revolution series and the Donkey Kong series.

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix

Moustache, Barrel, and Gorilla - Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix01:32

Moustache, Barrel, and Gorilla - Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix

2005714 July 14, 2005


Dance Dance Revolution4Arrow L Donkey Kong

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix, known as Dance Dance Revolution with Mario in Japan and Dancing Stage: Mario Mix in Europe, is a Dance Dance Revolution game featuring Mario themes and songs. One of the songs, titled "Moustache, Barrel, and Gorilla" is actually from the Donkey Kong series, since it's based on music from the arcade and NES game Donkey Kong. Specifically, it features rearrangements of the Level Start music, the 25m music, the opening theme, the 75m music and the level end music.


Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix was created by a collaboration between Dance Dance Revolution's company Konami and Donkey Kong's company Nintendo.

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