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DeadZone Kirk

Kirk, as shown in official artwork from the game's manual.

Dead Zone is a sci-fi adventure video game created by SunSoft and released for Famicom Disk System on November 20, 1986.

The story is about an engineer named Kirk who finds himself in a deserted space station filled with broken robots, while searching for his fiancee Marry. He's accompanied by a small robot called Carry.

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Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Lionex19861120 November 20, 1986The supercomputer Lionex appears in Dead Zone.1
5Arrow R Nazoler Land19880311 March 11, 1988Kirk from Dead Zone makes a cameo in Nazorarando No. 3.1
5Arrow R Barcode Battler19921218 December 18, 1992A Dead Zone card is included in the game Barcode World.1
5Arrow R Shanghai (Sunsoft)2011 2011Characters from Dead Zone appear on Mahjong tiles in Shanghai Musume: Mahjong Girls.2

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