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Fred Figglehorn

Fred Figglehorn, the main character of the series

FЯED or sometimes Fred is a online series by JKL Productions and later expanded upon a TV series and a few movies by Nickelodeon.

Web Series

FЯED (May 1st 2008 - Present)


FЯED: The Movie (September 18th 2010)

FЯED 2: Night of the Living Fred (October 22nd 2011)

FЯED 3: Camp Fred (July 28th 2012)


FЯED: The Show (January 16th 2012 - August 3rd 2012)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R iCarly20090216 February 16, 2009FЯED appears in the episdoe IMeet Fred.1

Arrow L & R

Annoying Orange20100624 June 24, 2010The Annoying Orange appears in Fred Goes Grocery Shopping feat. Annoying Orange while on that same day FЯED appears in Annoying Orange - Annoying Orange vs. FRED!!!.1
4Arrow L Dora the Explorer20100918 September 18, 2010The characters watch Dora the Explorer on TV in FЯED: The Movie.2

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