This page explains in detail the interactions between the Final Fight series and the Street Fighter series.

The page also includes an interaction between the Street Fighter series and SonSon (Street Fighter Alpha stages section) and between Final Fight and Tekken (Street Fighter X Tekken section).

Final Fight


December 1989

Final Fight6 Dash Street Fighter

Final Fight was originally going to be the sequel of the original Street Fighter; its working title was Street Fighter '89 and was announced in Japanese magazines with the name Street Fighter: The Final Fight in March 1989. In the actual release the title was changed to Final Fight, probably because of the very different gameplay.

For this reason the two series are considered to be ideally linked to each other.

Many also feel that the game's main character, Cody Travers was originally intended to be Joe from Street Fighter, because of both characters being blonde and american, but it may be a coincidence.

Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

SF2010 box

September 1990

Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

The American release of 2010 Street Fighter was titled Street Fighter 2010: the Final Fight, referencing Street Fighter's sister series Final Fight. Despite this name, however, Street Fighter 2010 is not considered part of the Final Fight series, since it has no connection to the actual series other that the american title.

Street Fighter II


Street Fighter II's introduction scene.

March 1991

Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

Street Fighter II, the actual sequel to Street Fighter, makes some references to Final Fight.

A first reference is in the game's introduction, that features a blonde guy punching an african-american man, none of them being actual characters in the game. The first one very much resembles Cody from Final Fight, and many feel he's actually him. Another popular theory is that the man is actually Joe from Street Fighter (and the other one would be Mike, still from Street Fighter). Which of the two characters resembles this one the most is arguable, since he appears to have Cody's shirt, but Joe's hairstyle.

An element actually taken from Final Fight is the car smashing bonus stage. In both versions the player has to break a car within a time limit, but in Street Fighter II the car can be destroyed more than in Final Fight, and the car owner (that was the enemy Bred in Final Fight) no more comes in to find his car smashed. In Final Fight there also is a pipe useable to break the car, and the points awarded are different, but these differences may simply be for gameplay reasons. The stage also takes place in different locations, with the Final Fight one taking place in a gas station, while the Street Fighter II one takes place on a dock similar to Ken's stage in the game.

Another reference is in Zangief's fighting style that seems to be partially based on Haggar's.

Final Fight 2

May 22, 1993

Final Fight4Arrow L Street Fighter

In the background of the game's first stage, Hong Kong, Chun-Li can be seen sitting at a table eating noodles.

Also, the fight with Freddie, the boss of the second stage, France, takes place in an airport with people cheering in the background, thus resembling Guile's stage from Street Fighter II. One of the characters in the background also has Guile's hairstyle, but this time it's not sure he's actually him, because he has a totally different outfit, probably being just a technician, and being in France he's probably French, rather than American.

Street Fighter Zero/Street Fighter Alpha

June 5, 1995

Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

The two series continuities are defenetly merged in Street Fighter Alpha, that features two selectable Final Fight characters: Guy and Sodom.



Guy, one of the selectable characters in Final Fight, appears in his classic red ninja gi, but his look is slightly modified, most notably his ninja boots replaced with Nike Dunks sneakers.

His fighting style is based on his moves from Final Fight games, but also has new powerful attacks due to the game's different gameplay.

Guy returns in Street Fighter Zero 2, Zero 3 and all their revisions, Super Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken as well as Capcom Fighting Jam representing the Street Fighter Alpha series.


SFA Sodom

One of the bosses from Final Fight, known as Katana in the international versions of that game, is featured in Street Fighter Alpha for the first time as a playable character.

His appearance is accurate to his original look, but he weilds jitte weapons instead of Katanas. This change also affects his attacks, that are less powerful than his boss appearance, and have a shorter range. Considering his limited moveset in Final Fight he gained new moves in this game.

Like all other Street Fighter Alpha characters, Sodom returns in Alpha 2, Alpha 3 and each revision of the games.


SonSon5Arrow R Street Fighter

Like for most characters in the Street Fighter series, Guy and Sodom's stages take place in their respective homeplaces: Japan for Guy and North America for Sodom. However none of them has direct references to Final Fight.

Like most stages in the game both these have another "palette swap" stage: Guy's stage is the same as Ryu's, taking place in the same street, but at sunset rather than during the day; Sodom's stage is the same as Bison's, but takes place at night rather than during the day.

A curious note is the shop in Guy's and Ryu's stage is called "Son Son", just like one of Capcom's arcade games.

Final Fight 3

FFi3 Guy

Artwork of Guy from Final Fight 3

December 22, 1995

Final Fight4Arrow L Street Fighter

Guy returns here as a playable character like in the first game, but has his look redesigned to resemble his Street Fighter Alpha appearance (note the sneakers shoes). This trait remains in all of his later appearances in the Final Fight series.

Street Fighter Zero 2/Street Fighter Alpha 2

February 27, 1996

Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

All characters from the original Street Fighter Zero/Alpha return, as well as five new characters. Among them is Rolento, originally from Final Fight.


SFA2 Rolento

Rolento originally appeared as a boss in the arcade version of Final Fight (though he's absent in the console versions) and in Final Fight 2, making him the only recurring boss in the Final Fight series. This may be a reason leading to the choice of his inclusion in the Street Fighter series. Like for Sodom, this is Rolento's first appearance as a playable character.

His look is based on his original appearances, but his outfit is partially redisegnied, most notably being yellow instead of camouflage green.

In his boss appearances he fought exclusively using weapons, and this is kept in his playable appearance, being the first Street Fighter character to pominently use bombs and knives during a match, a trait later taken by D.Dark in Street Fighter EX. He also has new hand-to-hand moves to better fit the game's gameplay.

Like all other Street Fighter Alpha 2 characters, Rolento returns in Alpha 2 Gold, Alpha 3 and all its revisions. He's also playable in Street Fighter X Tekken and he's a boss in Street Fighter X Mega Man.


Street Fighter Alpha 2 features new stages for all characters, including Guy, Sodom and Rolento.

Guy's stage takes place in U.S.A. and supposedly in Metro City, since it features cameos of many Final Fight characters. Specifically, from left to right: Andore, Cody with Jessica, Bred, Bill Bull, Abigail, Two.P, Edi E., Haggar with J, Damnd, Poison, El Gado and Axl.

Sodom's stage instead of taking place in U.S.A. takes place in Japan, obviously referencing his love for that country. This creates a swap with Guy.

Rolento's stage takes place on an elevator, just like his boss battle in Final Fight.

Street Fighter: Sakura Ganbaru!

SF Sakura Ganbaru-Maki


Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

Maki, one of the main characters from Final Fight 2 makes an appearance in the Sakura Ganbaru manga, in which she and Sakura fight each other. Here she's slightly redesigned and is seen fighting with a tonfa, originally a pick-up weapon in Final Fight 2.

Street Fighter episode Final Fight

SFTV Cody Guy Ryu Ken

Ryu, Cody, Ken and Guy

April 27, 1997

Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

The 52nd and second to last episode of the american Street Fighter TV series is titled Final Fight and is in fact a crossover with that series, being based on the original game's plot: like in Final Fight, Metro City's major Mike Haggar has his daughter Jessica kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang and it's up to Jessica's boyfrend Cody and his friend Guy to face Mad Gear's boss Belger and save her, but in this istance of the story they do so with the help of Ryu, Ken and Guile.

Guy, Sodom and Rolento all appear in the episode with their look based on their Street Fighter Alpha and Alpha 2 appearances.

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

MSHvsSF Cody and Jessica

Cody and Jessica

June 18, 1997

Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

Cody and Jessica from Final Fight both make a minor cameo appearance in this crossover game between Street Fighter and the Capcom-made Marvel Super Heroes line. They both appear in the stage "Mall Mayhem", among the crowd of people watching the fight. Cody appears in his original design from Final Fight as he looks on the fight with interest, while Jessica hides behind him.

Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack

October 30, 1997

Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

This revision of Street Fighter III adds only two new characters and one of them is Hugo, based on Final Fight's Andore.



While no character named Hugo appeared in the Final Fight series, he's been confirmed to be a member of the Andore family, recurring enemies in the series, and specifically looks identical to the first Andore encountered, since he wears lavender. The reason for this name change is unknown; many feel it may be due to Andore's name being devired, as well as his likeness, to real life wrestler André the Giant, forcing them to change it to avoid legal issues, but it's not likely since Andore appears with his original name in later Final Fight games. It's now assumed by most people his full name to be "Hugo Andore".

His fighting style is pro wrestling, like in his original appearance, but considering his limited moveset, he gained many totally original moves.

Another notable appearance is that of Poison, one of the two female enemies in Final Fight, as Hugo's manager. She's seen during his introduction and winning poses, as well as in each of his cutscenes. SFIII Poiston-heart

Hugo returns in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and Street Fighter X Tekken, as well as in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos representing the Street Fighter series.

Street Fighter Zero 3/Street Fighter Alpha 3

June 29, 1998

Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

Street Fighter Alpha 3 features all characters from Alpha 2 as well as some new characters, including Cody from Final Fight.


SFA3 Cody

Cody, the main character from Final Fight is the fifth Final Fight character in the Street Fighter Alpha series and unlike previous ones, has been heavly redesigned. He's reveiled to have been jailed for his reckless street fighting and later broke free. He now wears a striped prison uniform and fights with handcuffs. This redesign was probably due to his original appearance being not enough characterized (also possibly the reason for the decision not to include him in previous games). But there also is the unconfirmed rumor that the character was originally going to be a redesigned Joe from Street Fighter.

His fighting style is based on his original appearance, including the use of a knife that can be picked from the ground and thrown, like in the original game. He also has some new moves, including a rock projectile and his A-Ism super move "Final Destination" that has him mimicking an infinite combo performable in Final Fight due to a glitch. His X-ISM special move instead, turns him into "Final Fight" mode, replacing his moveset with his original Final Fight moves.

To note is that one of his victory poses has him running away chased by Edi E. a police officer that appeared as boss in Final Fight.

SFA3 Eddie

Cody returns in all of Street Fighter Alpha 3's revisions, as well as Super Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken.


Street Fighter Alpha 3 features new stages for all characters, including Guy, Sodom, Rolento and Cody. All of their stages take place in U.S.A.

Like in the previous game, Guy's stage is in Metro City and features cameos from Final Fight characters, though not as many. From left to right: Andore, Poison, El Gado, Axl and Haggar.

Sodom's stage takes place in an apartment featuring many japanese themes, supposedly being his.

Rolento's stage is in a military base, possibly Mad Gear's, and features many military vehicles moving in the background. At the extreme left and right of the stage are pictures of Rolento on the wall.

Cody's stage takes place outside the prison he was kept in, featuring a broken wall and an unconscsious guard, suggesting that the fight takes place right after Cody's escape. In the background is a billboard featuring Hugo.

Other references

SFA3 Sodom X-ISM

Sprite of Sodom in his "X-ISM" appearance.

Selecting the X-ISM with Sodom, he weilds Katana blades instead of jitte, like in his Final Fight appearance. This is because of the X-ISM being the "classic" style, being based on the Street Fighter II gameplay, so Sodom's moves are changed to reflect his original appearance. The only other character to change appearance as well as moves is Chun-Li, that appears in her Street Fighter II outfit when using the X-ISM.

Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper/Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper on GBA

June 29, 1998

Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

The Game Boy Advance version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper adds three characters from Capcom vs. SNK 2: Eagle, originally a Street Fighter character, Yun, originally a Street Fighter III character, and Maki, originally a Final Fight 2 character.


SFA3 Maki

Maki is the sixth Final Fight character to become playable in the Street Fighter series, but has her look and moveset directly taken from her appearance in Capcom vs. SNK 2. Despite this, her inclusion still counts as a link to the Final Fight series, because her storyline references the Final Fight series, indicating that she was added to represent that series. Her stage is the same as Guy's.

A notable fact is her appearance matching her previous one in the Ganbaru manga, possibly making it canon.

Like all other characters in the game, she's also featured in Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper/Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX.

Final Fight Revenge

FFiR PoisonEnding

Poison's ending.

July 1999

Final Fight4Arrow L Street Fighter

The only "versus" fighting game in the Final Fight series, it features all Final Fight characters that appeared in the Street Fighter series (Cody, Guy, Sodom, Rolento and Andore, known as Hugo in Street Fighter III), and some of them keep some of their moves.

Also, taking place before Street Fighter Alpha, this game tells the event leading to Cody's arrest, and he's seen in his prison uniform from the Alpha series during Poison's ending.

Final Fight One

FFiOne Alpha Cody&Guy

α-Cody and α-Guy fighting in the game's first stage.

May 25, 2001

Final Fight4Arrow L Street Fighter

This port of Final Fight includes alternate versions of Cody and Guy as secret characters, named α-Cody and α-Guy, that are actually their "Street Fighter Alpha" versions. Their movesets are also based on their Street Fighter appearances, but due to the different gameplay the imputs are different and they have no power gauge and special moves.

Final Fight: Streetwise

February 28, 2006

Final Fight4Arrow L Street Fighter

Cody, the main character from Final Fight, returns here as a supporting character, having retired from street fighting. He's seen always wearing a prison uniform, likely referencing his appearance in the Street Fighter Alpha series, where he kept it for choice, however it is redesigned into a more realistic orange uniform.

Cammy makes an appearance in story mode as the first opponent in the Japantown dojo and a boss in Arcade mode, fought in Japantown Bar. She wears an original outfit reminescent of her "Alpha Red" outfit from Super Street Fighter II, having green motivs and a red cap. Her look, like Cody's is being redesigned probably to fit the game's realistic setting. Note that her pants differ between artworks and in-game appearance.

Also another fighter, named The Ghost is almost identical to Joe from Street Fighter, and has a very similar fighting style, both of them being kickboxers. Considering that the two series take place in the same universe, many believe Joe and Ghost to actually be the same person. The inclusion of such an unpopular character seems likely because of Joe's history of ties with the Final Fight series (see Final Fight, Street Fighter II and Cody sections), due to his resemblance to Cody.

Minor references include posters for Rolento vs. Sagat and Dudley vs. Balrog matches in Haggar's Gym. There also are ads for Cammy's beer called "Cammy Lager" over the Pool tables in the bars. The signs also say "Get Cannon Spiked!" referencing Cammy's move "Cannon Spike".

Street Fighter IV Brawler Pack

SF4 Zangief Haggar

20090217 February 17, 2009


Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

One of the costumes included in the Brawler Pack DLC, is a costume for Zangief based on Haggar from Final Fight.

Super Street Fighter IV

April 27, 2010

Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

SSFIV FFi stage

Guy in the Metro City stage.

One of the game's new stages is on top of a skyscraper under construction, and is suppsed to take place in Metro City, since a statue of Haggar holding a "Metro City" sign can be seen in the background. One of the workers is also evidently Hugo/Andore, and is possible that other workers are supposed to be minor, less recognisable Final Fight enemies.

SSFIV Bonus Car

Also, the car smashing bonus stage returns from Street Fighter II, but being set in a gas station, it looks even more similar to the Final Fight version than it did in Street Fighter II. A billboard in the background even shows an image of Mike Haggar and reads "Metro City".

Street Fighter X Tekken

March 6, 2012

Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter, Tekken

In this crossover with the Tekken series, all Final Fight characters previously featured in Street Fighter return as playable characters except for Sodom, but there also is a new selectable character: Poison.


SFXT Poison

Poison debuts as a playable character in this game, rapresenting the Street Fighter series, considering her previous appearance in Street Fighter III, however her moveset seem to be taken from her previous playable appearance in Final Fight Revenge, since she's armed with a whip even if it's of another kind. She also gain a new set of moves, mostly acrobatic moves like in her Final Fight appearances, and a new move that consist of throwing poison at the opponent, a pun on her name.

Street Fighter × All Capcom

November 2013


Final Fight5Arrow R Street Fighter

Cody, Guy, Haggar, Poison, Rolento, Sodom and Belger from Final Fight appear as selectable characters in the RPG/fighting card game Street Fighter × All Capcom, all appearing in a total of 18 character cards within the game. Despite Cody being a recurring Street Fighter character, his appearance in this game is based on his original look, since he represents the Final Fight series. Also, one of Rolento's cards shows him using a dark green palette swapped uniform and Sodom is depicted wielding his katanas, both in reference to their appearances in the Final Fight series.

Besides characters, the game's training/story mode "Street Fight" has one of its mission courses set in the Metro City Subway area from the original Final Fight, and several of the minor enemies from the first game are used as enemies in this mode, including Hugo/Andore, Axl, Brad, El Gado and J.


Copyrights for both series are held by Capcom.

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