This page explains in detail the interactions between the Futurama series and the Mario series.

Futurama episode Anthology of Interest II

20020106 January 06, 2002


Futurama4Arrow L Mario

Futurama AoI2 Pipe

The characters using the blue Warp Pipe.

The third episode of the fourth season of Futurama (Episode 50) is about the Planet Express crew using for the second time the "What If" machine, showing three "imaginary" stories. The second segment, titled "Raiders of the Lost Arcade" has Fry asking the machine "What if life was more like a videogame?" and shows aliens from planet Nintendu 64 invading Earth. It features many videogame references, but the only direct reference to the Mario series is a blue pipe looking like a Warp Pipe from the Mario series, that serves as the exit from a Pac-Man-inspired maze.

Additionally, the Italian ambassador in the episode looks almost identical to Mario, and while this is mainly a reference to his role in Donkey Kong, the way he's portrayed is influenced by his appearance in his own series. He also says "Mamma mia!" one of Mario's catchprases from the Mario series.

To read about other game references in the episode see: Raiders of the Lost Arcade references.

Futurama comics issue #38: Rumble in the Jungle

2008723 July 23, 2008


Futurama4Arrow L Mario

At the beginning of the comic, instead of Fry doing what Leela asked him to do, he played on his handheld video game, stating, "Come on, you dumb hedgehog, get those rings, or you can't survive the lava pit! I don't want to lose you the same way I did Crash, Lara and Mario!". This is an obvious reference to Sonic, Mario, Lara Croft and Crash Bandicoot.

Futurama comics issue #44: The Fry and the Furious

FuturamaComics 44 Starfox

part of a page of the comic. The Mario look-alike can be seen in the fourth panel.

2008723 July 23, 2008


Futurama4Arrow L Mario

While Fry is in court with the chicken lawyer, while there's a reference to Star Fox, a character resembling Mario can be seen in the jury.

Futurama episode Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences

Futurama ComiCon Mario

The Comic-Con host.

20100826 August 26, 2010


Futurama4Arrow L Mario

In the eleventh episode of the sixth season of Futurama (Episode 99), the Planet Express Crew partecipate in a costume contest during Comic-Con. The host of the contest is dressed as Mario, only wearing short pants rether than long ones. This may be a reference to Mario being short.

Futurama episode Reincarnation

20110908 September 08, 2011


Futurama4Arrow L Mario

Futurama Reincarnation Mario-DK

The twenty-sixth and final episode of the Season 6 of Futurama (Episode 114), features three different non-canon segments, each one of them animated in a different style. The second segment, titled "Future Challenge 3000" features a graphic style based on 8-bit graphics, and references to videogames. In a scene .a depressed Professor Farnsworth can be seen wandering in a Super Mario Bros.-inspired setting. Specifically the ground is designed exactly like it is in Super Mario Bros. and the clouds have the same shape as in the game, however they have faces, like the Lakitu clouds. After leaping over some barrels, the Professor also enters a green Warp Pipe.


Fox, that produced Futurama, didn't own any right over Nintendo's Mario, but they only included minor references to the series.

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