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Galaxy Fight -UNIVERSAL・WARRIORS- (ギャラクシーファイト ユニバーサル・ウォーリアーズ, Galaxy Fight -UNIVERSAL・WARRIORS-) or simply Galaxy Fight (ギャラクシーファイト, Galaxy Fight) is a Japanese arcade fighting game by Sunsoft for the Neo-Geo and Sega Saturn. It was released in arcades on January 24, 1995.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Street Fighter19950124 January 24, 1995Bonus-kun is a parody of Ryu from Street Fighter.3
4Arrow L Trip World19950124 January 24, 1995Yakopoo from Trip World is a mini-boss in Galaxy Fight.1
5Arrow R Waku Waku 719961121 November 21, 1996Bonus-kun is a boss in Waku Waku 7.1
5Arrow R Albert Odyssey19960809 August 09, 1996A Lutecian (Roomi's race) appears in Albert Odissey: Legend of Eldean as a shopkeeper.1

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