This page explains in detail the interactions between the Golf (Nintendo) series and the Wii games series.

Wii Sports

20061119 November 19, 2006


Golf (Nintendo)5Arrow R Wii games

The nine courses in the golf mode of Wii Sports are actually some of the courses from the NES game Golf. These are in detail, compared to the original:

Wii Sports Resort

20090625 June 25, 2009


Golf (Nintendo)5Arrow R Wii games

The sequel to Wii Sports, its golf mode features the same nine courses as the "Classic" courses and as the last nine in "Eighteen Holes" mode. The first nine courses in "Eighteen Holes" mode are instead taken from Golf Japan Course (some of which also appeared in NES Open Tournament Golf). These and are in detail, compared to the original:


Copyrights for both series are held by Nintendo.

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