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Gunbird is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up game series by Psikyo.

Video Games

  • Gunbird (1994). Arcade. Later released for PlayStation and Sega Saturn.
  • Gunbird 2 (December 1998). Arcade. Later released for PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast.
  • Gunbird Special Edition (Feburary 19, 2004). PlayStation 2.


  • Gunbird (August 1995). A 1-volume manga by Masato Natsumoto, released as part of the Gamest Comic series.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Yatterman1994 1994The Trump Gang from Gunbird is inspired by the Dorombo Gang in Yatterman, and the Gunbird manga features a reference to the series.3

4Arrow L Darkstalkers199812 December 1998Morrigan from Darkstalkers is a selectable character in Gunbird 2.1


Arrow L & R

Sengoku Ace199812 December 1998Aine from the Sengoku Ace series is a playable character in Gunbird 2, while Marion is a playable character in the Sega Saturn port of Sengoku Blade.1

5Arrow R Dragon Blaze2000 2000The gem-spitting wooden head from Gunbird 2 reappears in Dragon Blaze.1


Double Arrow R

Gunbarich2001 2001Gunbarich is a spin-off of Gunbird.1

5Arrow R Taisen Net Gimmick20010628 June 28, 2001Several characters from Gunbird are featured in Taisen Net Gimmick: Capcom & Psikyo All Stars.1