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A Sgt. Keroro

Sgt. Keroro, the main character of the series

Keroro Gunsō, also known Sgt. Frog is an anime series by Kadokawa.


Sgt. Frog (April 1999 - Present)


Sgt. Frog (April 3rd 2004 - April 3rd 2011)

Sgt. Frog (March 22nd 2014 - September 6th 2014)

Video Games

Keroro Gunsō: Meromero Battle Royale (September 29th 2004) for PS2

Keroro Gunso: Meromero Battle Royale Z (November 17th 2005) for PS2

Keroro Gunso: Enshū da Yo! Zenin Shūgō (March 16th 2006) for Nintendo DS

Keroro RPG: Kishi to Musha to Densetsu no Kaizoku (March 4th 2010) for Nintendo DS

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Taiko no Tatsujin20060323 March 23, 2006Taiko no Tatsujin 8, 10, 12 Asian Version, 13, 14, Portable 2 and Wii2 feature music tracks from Keroro Gunsō.2
4Arrow L Mario20060908 September 08, 2006The Keroro episode "Keroro And Natsumi Which Way to Heroes?!" features a videogame based on Super Mario Bros.2.5

Arrow L & R

Soul Series20080729 July 29, 2008According to developers, Angol Fear from Soul Calibur is Angol Mois's cousin from Sgt. Frog.1
5Arrow R Lucky Star2008926 September 26, 2008The girls go to an odd pet shop where they find a rabid Sgt. Frog and Private Tamama and somehow wake up as various frogs.2
4Arrow L Klonoa20100304 March 04, 2010Keroro RPG: Kishi to Musha to Densetsu no Kaizoku, features Klonoa as a character.1


Transformers20111226 December 26, 2011Keroro Gunsō X Transformers is a crossover between the two series.1

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