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King Kong

King Kong, the main character, as he fights planes on the Empire State Building

King Kong is a film series about a Giant Monster called King Kong.


  • King Kong (March 2, 1933)
  • The Son of Kong (December 22, 1933)
  • King Kong VS Godzilla (August 11, 1962)
  • King Kong Escapes (July 22, 1967-June 19, 1968)
  • King Kong (December 17, 1976)
  • King Kong Lives (December 19, 1986)
  • King Kong (December 13, 2005)


  • The King Kong Show (September 10, 1966-August 31, 1969)
  • Kong: The Animated Show (September 9, 2000-March 26, 2001)

Links to Other Series

Mascot link:Konami Man makes an appearance in King Kong 2 Ikari no Megaton Punch.

Direction Series Date Description Type



Godzilla19620811 August 11, 1962Godzilla fought King Kong in a movie crossover together.1
5Arrow R Mad Monster Party19670308 March 08, 1967Mad Monster Party features a monster based on King Kong.3

Arrow L & R

Donkey Kong198107 July 1981Donkey Kong is partially inspired on King Kong; The King Kong LCD game is based on Donkey Kong.3
5Arrow R Konami Wai Wai World19880114 January 14, 1988King Kong is a playable character in the game.1
5Arrow R Bill & Ted19890217 February 17, 1989A poster of the 1976 King Kong movie can be seen in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.2
5Arrow R Strider19890307 March 07, 1989Mecha Pon from Strider was inspired by Mechani-Kong from The King Kong Show.3
5Arrow R Mario19921231 December 31, 1992Mario is Missing! and the Club Nintendo comic "Mario in Mariozilla" feature references to King Kong.2
5Arrow R Viewtiful Joe20030626 June 26, 2003One of the poster in the end credits of Viewtiful Joe is a reference to the poster of the film King Kong.3
5Arrow R Chicken Little (Disney)2005114 November 4, 2005Fish out of Water builds a model of a skyscraper and acts like King Kong on it.3
4Arrow L Braindead20051213 December 13, 2005A crate carrying the Sumatran Rat-Monkeys from Braindead (Dead Alive) appears in the 2005 King Kong.1
5Arrow R To Love Ru20081107 November 07, 2008A parody of King Kong named "Ginga Kong" appears in the episode "Princess of the Jungle"3
5Arrow R My Love Story!!20150408 April 08, 2015The anime's intro features a reference to the skyscraper's climb scene from King Kong.3
5Arrow R Batman20170129 January 29, 2017King Kong appears in The LEGO Batman Movie.1
5Arrow R MOBA Legends20170323 March 23, 2017King Kong appears as a Legend in the game MOBA Legends.1

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