For detailed information about this series, see: Lego Divers at Brickipedia

Lego Divers is a series of construction toys by Lego centered around diving, and it's a sub-series of the Lego Town series.

All its main sets were released in 1997 and are:

LegoDivers 6560 Diving Expedition Explorer

6560 Diving Expedition Explorer, the largest Lego Divers set.

  • 1782 Discovery Station
  • 2871 Diver and Shark, a promotional set.
  • 6441 Deep Reef Refuge
  • 6442 Sting Ray Explorer
  • 6555 Sea Hunter
  • 6556 Scuba Squad
  • 6557 Treasure Hunters
  • 6558 Shark Cage Cove
  • 6559 Deep Sea Bounty
  • 6560 Diving Expedition Explorer
  • 6599 Shark Attack

The only additional sets released in 1998 are:

  • 2536 Jetski, a promotional set.
  • 5389 Divers Accessories, supplementary set.

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This series doesn't feature any reference to other series and is not referenced by any other series.

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