For detailed information about this series, see: Lego RSQ911 and Lego Rescue at Brickipedia

Lego Rescue, originally known as Lego RSQ911 or simply RSQ911, is a series of construction toys by Lego focused on rescue missions, and it's a sub-series of the Lego Town series. Some consider the two names as separate series, but since they feature the same theme and their logo is basically the same, it's safe to consider them the same series, only renamed.

The released sets are, by year:



RSQ911 logo


  • 1896 Trauma Team
  • 6389 Fire Control Center
  • 6531 Flame Chaser
  • 6593 Blaze Battler


  • 6511 Rescue Runabout


LegoRescue 6398 Central Precinct HQ

6398 Central Precinct HQ, the largest Lego Rescue set.


  • 6344 Jet Speed Justice
  • 6398 Central Precinct HQ
  • 6664 Chopper Cops


  • 1710 Snow Scooter, later re-released as 1730 Snow Scooter.
  • 6340 Hook & Ladder
  • 6348 Surveillance Squad
  • 6483 Coastal Patrol
  • 6571 Flame Fighters


  • 6338 Hurricane Harbor


  • 6545 Search N' Rescue
  • 6598 Metro PD Station
  • 6625 Speed Trackers

Links to other series

This series doesn't feature any reference to other series and is not referenced by any other series.

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