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Lego Space Port is a series of construction toys by Lego, centered around spaceflight, and it's a spiritual sequel to the Lego Launch Command series, both series being sub-series of the Lego Town series.

All its main sets were released in 1999, and are:

LegoSpacePort 6456 Mission Control

6456 Mission Control, the largest Space Port set.

  • 1180 Space Port Moon Buggy, also relased as 1265 Moon Buggy and as 3068 Radar Buggy.
  • 1181 Space Port Spacecraft, also released as 1181 Spacecraft and as 3069 Cosmic Wing
  • 3066 Cosmos Glider
  • 3067 Test Shuttle
  • 3911 Astronaut Key Chain
  • 5313 Spaceport Accessories, supplementary set.
  • 6452 Mini Rocket Launcher
  • 6453 Com-Link Cruiser
  • 6454 Countdown Cruiser
  • 6455 Space Simulation Station
  • 6456 Mission Control
  • 6457 Astronaut
  • 6458 Satellite
  • 6459 Fuel Truck
  • 6460 Space Port Set
  • 6461 Surveillance Chopper
  • 6463 Lunar Rover
  • 6465 Space Port Jet
  • 6469 Space Port Value Pack, a boundle including 6465 Space Port Jet, 6452 Mini Rocket Launcher and 6458 Satellite.

Additionally, in 2000 were released the set 3059 Mars Mission: Master Builders and a book based on the series titled Rocket Rescue.

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Lego Launch Command1999 1999The Lego Space Port series is based on the Launch Command series, and also features a similar logo.3

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