Mobile golf title

Gameplay footage from Mobile Golf.

For detailed information about this series, see: Mobile Golf at Super Mario Wiki

Mobile Golf is a golf video game only released in Japan for the Game Boy Color on May 11, 2001 developed by Camelot and published by Nintendo. It's a spin-off of the Mario series, specifically being based on Mario Golf GB, and it could be connected with a Mobile Adapter GB to play multiplayer games with a mobile phone network and download exclusive contents. It was also released in boundle with the Mobile Adapter GB.

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Direction Series Date Description Type


Double Arrow L

Mario20010511 May 11, 2001Mobile Golf is a new version of Mario Golf and features some of the same characters.1
4Arrow L Wrecking Crew20010511 May 11, 2001Foreman Spike from Wrecking Crew is unlockable in Mobile Golf.1

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