Monster Rancher

The main characters of Monster Rancher's anime.

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Suezo, the main monster of the series

Monster Rancher, known as Monster Farm in Japan, is a monster-breeding RPG series created by Tecmo Koei.

Video Games

  • Monster Rancher (July 24, 1997). PlayStation.
  • Monster Rancher 2 (Feburary 25, 1999). PlayStation.
  • Monster Rancher Battle Card GB (December 24, 1999). GameBoy Color.
  • Monster Rancher Explorer (2000). GameBoy Color.
  • Monster Rancher Battle Card: Episode II (March 23, 2000). PlayStation.
  • Monster Rancher Hop-A-Bout (December 10, 2000). PlayStation.
  • Monster Rancher 3 (March 22, 2001). PlayStation 2.
  • Monster Rancher Advance (December 7, 2001). GameBoy Advance.
  • Monster Rancher Advance 2 (October 25, 2002). GameBoy Advance.
  • Monster Rancher 4 (August 14, 2003). PlayStation 2.
  • Monster Rancher EVO (December 8, 2005). PlayStation 2.
  • Kaite Shabette Hajimeyou!: Monster Farm DS (July 12, 2007). Nintendo DS.
  • Monster Rancher DS (August 7, 2008). Nintendo DS. Monster Farm DS 2: Yomigaeru! Master Breeder Densetsu in Japan.
  • Monster Farm Online (November 3, 2008). PC.
  • Monster Farm Lagoon (Jaunary 7, 2010). PC.
  • My Monster Rancher (December 1, 2011). iOS and Android.


  • Monster Rancher (April 17th 1999-September 30th 2001) 


  • Monster Farm - Enbanseki no Himitsu (1999). A 2-volume manga by Chino Yukimiya.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Ganbare Ginkun19970724 July 24, 1997The design and attacks of the monster "Doodle" from Monster Rancher reference Ganbare Ginkun.3


Arrow L & R

Deception19970724 July 24, 1997The monster breed "Ardebaran" from Monster Rancher is patterned after the creature from Tecmo's Deception. Suezo is a secret trap in Kagero's Deception II and Deception IV: Another Princess.1

4Arrow L Child's Play19990225 February 25, 1999The monster species "Wracky" from Monster Rancher 2 is inspired by Chucky.3

4Arrow L Godzilla19990225 February 25, 1999The monster species "Zilla" from Monster Rancher 2 is inspired by Godzilla.3

4Arrow L Metal Gear19990225 February 25, 1999The monster breed "GabooSoldier" from Monster Rancher 2 is patterned after Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.3


Arrow L & R

Solomon2000 2000Monster Rancher Explorer is a repurposed version of the Japanese original, Solomon. Solomon included references to Monster Rancher.3

5Arrow R Dead or Alive20001026 October 26, 2000Toys of "Suezo" and "False Suezo" can be found in the Survival Mode from Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore. The monster breed "Kasumi" from Monster Rancher 2 is patterned after the character from the Dead or Alive series.2

4Arrow L Unison20010322 March 22, 2001The monster breed "Afro" from Monster Rancher 3 is patterned after Doctor Dance from Unison: Rebels of Rhythm & Dance.3

4Arrow L Ape Escape20030814 August 14, 2003A Pipo Ape, Pirate Ape, and Red Shorts Ape all appear in Monster Rancher 4.1

4Arrow L Fatal Frame20030814 August 14, 2003The monster breed "Miku" from Monster Rancher 4 is patterned after Miku Hinasaki from Fatal Frame.3



Magical Drop200510 October 2005Magical Drop Monster Farm 5 is a crossover between both series.1

4Arrow L Doko Demo Issyo20051208 December 08, 2005Toro appears in Monster Rancher EVO.1

5Arrow R Nostalgia Critic2018626 June 26, 2018The Nostalgia Critic reviews the anime “Monster Rancher”.2