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MySims is a series of videogames by Electronic Arts, a sub-series of the Sim series and a spin-off of The Sims. Sometimes it is considered an actual part of the The Sims series, being a sub-series to it.

Video Games

7 MySims games have been released:

  • MySims (September 18, 2007), Nintendo DS, Wii. Later released on PC and mobile phone.
  • MySims Kingdom (October 28, 2008), Nintendo DS, Wii.
  • MySims Party (March 10, 2009), Nintendo DS, Wii.
  • MySims Racing (June 8, 2009), Nintendo DS, Wii.
  • MySims Camera (September 18, 2009), Nintendo DSiWare. A camera application.
  • MySims Agents (September 25, 2009), Nintendo DS, Wii.
  • MySims SkyHeroes (September 28, 2010), Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.

Additionally two compilations were released:

  • MySims Collection (October 28 2008), Wii, Nintendo DS. Including MySims Kingdom and MySims Party.
  • MySims Collection (November 9, 2010), Wii. Including MySims and MySims Racing.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type


Double Arrow L

The Sims20070918 September 18, 2007The MySims series is a spinoff of The Sims.1
4Arrow L Mirror's Edge20090925 September 25, 2009In MySims Agents a statue of Faith from Mirror's Edge is unlockable.2
4Arrow L Dead Space20100928 September 28, 2010Isaac Clark from Dead Space is unlockable in MySims SkyHeroes.1
4Arrow L Mass Effect20100928 September 28, 2010Commander Shepard from Mass Effect is unlockable in MySims SkyHeroes.1
4Arrow L Dragon Age20100928 September 28, 2010Morrigan from Dragon Age is unlockable in MySims SkyHeroes.1
4Arrow L Army of Two20100928 September 28, 2010Elliot Salem and Tyson Riots from Army of Two are unlockable in MySims SkyHeroes.1
4Arrow L Medal of Honor20100928 September 28, 2010Dusty from Medal of Honor is unlockable in MySims SkyHeroes.1
4Arrow L Command and Conquer20100928 September 28, 2010Natasha Volkova from Red Alert 3 should have been a cameo pilot in MySims SkyHeroes.51

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