This page explains in detail the interactions between the Punch-Out!! series and the Tekken series.

Tekken 2

TEKKEN 2 Secrets Tutorial First Person Wire Frame Mode PS1 PSX02:13

TEKKEN 2 Secrets Tutorial First Person Wire Frame Mode PS1 PSX

Punch-Out Arcade Round1

Gameplay of the arcade Punch-Out!! for comparison.

19960329 March 29, 1996


Punch-Out!!5Arrow R Tekken

Tekken 2 features a secret gameplay mode that might be based on Punch-Out!!, accessed after all characters are unlocked by holding L1 and L2 while selecting a fighter. Once this mode is activated, the player's character will change to a green wireframe, and the camera will move behind their back during gameplay.

This mode is therefore almost identical to the original arcade Punch-Out!! gameplay, but it was never confirmed to actually be an intentional reference, rather than a coincidence.


The reators of Tekken 2 held no right over Nintendo's Punch-Out!! but they only included a minor reference to the game.

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