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Q*bert is a series of puzzle platformer games staring the titular character. The released games are:


Screenshot from the original Q*bert.

  • Q*bert (December 31, 1982), Arcade. Later also ported to Intellivision, Intellivision II, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, NES, Magnavox Odyssey², ColecoVision, Texas Instruments TI-99/4A, Commodore 64, Game Boy Color, IBM PC and PlayStation Network.
  • Q*bert's Qubes (1983), Arcade. Later ported to Colecovision and Atari 2600.
  • Q*bert (1986), MSX. An original game based on Q*bert's Qubes.
  • Q*bert (1992), Game Boy. A remake of the original game featuring new levels.
  • Q*bert 3 (October 1992), SNES.
  • Q*bert (December 1999), PlayStation, Dreamcast. A 3D remake of the original game.
  • Q*bert (2005), PC. Also known as Q*bert 2005, it's a remake of the original game.
  • Q*bert Rebooted (July 2, 2014), PC, iOS, Android.

Also a Q*bert pinball machine was released in March 1983 titled Q*bert's Quest.

A remake of the original game titled Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert was created in 1983 but never released. It was made available many years later as a ROM image to download for free.

Additionally an animated TV series based on the original game was featured in the Saturday Supercade cartoon lineup. In the first season it rtated with the Pitfall! TV show, and it aired in 6 episodes from October 1, 1983 to December 10, 1983, but it returned in the second season as a weekly cartoon in 13 episodes from September 8, 1984 to December 1, 1984, bringing the total episodes to 19.

Various merchandise based on the original game was also released, including a board game.

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(Q*Bert also appear in the 2014 Superbowl commercial for Radioshack along with many other 80's characters If you want to see it Click Here to see the page)

Direction Series Date Description Type



Pitfall19831001 October 01, 1983The Pitfall! TV show rotated weekly with the Q*bert TV show in the Saturday Supercade.3


Frogger19831001 October 01, 1983The Frogger TV show was aired with the Q*bert TV show in the Saturday Supercade.3


Donkey Kong19831001 October 01, 1983Mario meets Q*bert between the episodes of Donkey Kong and Q*bert, in the Saturday Supercade, while Q*bert meets Donkey Kong Jr. between the episodes of their respective shows.1


Kangaroo (Atari)19840908 September 08, 1984The Kangaroo TV show was aired with the Q*bert TV show in the Saturday Supercade.3


Space Ace19840908 September 08, 1984Q*bert meets Space Ace and Kimberly between the episodes of their shows in the Saturday Supercade.1
5Arrow R The Simpsons19970119 January 19, 1997The Simpsons episode "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson" and "In the Name of the Grandfather" feature references to Q*bert.3
5Arrow R Futurama20000409 April 09, 2000The Futurama episodes "A Clone of My Own" and "Anthology of Interest II" feature references to Q*bert.2
5Arrow R Family Guy20020131 January 31, 2002The Family Guy episodes "Stuck Together, Torn Apart" and "Chick Cancer" feature references to Q*bert.2
5Arrow R Baten Kaitos20031205 December 05, 2003The top-most room in Zosma Tower from Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean is modeled after the Q*bert game.3
5Arrow R Regular Show20120514 May 14, 2012The Regular Show episode "Busted Cart" features a fictional game based on Q*bert.2.5
5Arrow R Wreck-It Ralph20121102 November 02, 2012Wreck-It Ralph features characters from Q*bert.1
5Arrow R Pixels20150724 July 24, 2015Q*bert appears as one of the videogame characters in the movie, Pixels.1

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