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Spyro The Dragon

Spyro The Dragon, the main character of the series.

Spyro is a series of video games by Sony.

Video Games

Spyro The Dragon (September 10th 1998) for PlayStation

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (October 31st 1999) for PlayStation

Spyro: Year of the Dragon (October 23rd 2000) for PlayStation

Spyro: Season of Ice (October 29th 2001) for GBA

Spyro 2: Season of Flame (September 25th 2002) for GBA

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (November 3rd 2002) for PS2 and GameCube

Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs (October 27th 2003) for GBA

Spyro: A Hero's Tail (November 3rd 2004) for PS2, GameCube, and Xbox

Spyro: Shadow Legacy (October 18th 2005) for Nintendo DS

The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (October 10th 2006) for PS2, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, and Nintendo DS

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (October 2nd 2007) for PS2, GBA, Nintendo DS, and Wii

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (October 21st 2008) for PS2, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, and Xbox 360


  • Skylanders: A series of video games using Action Figures.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Sonic20001023 October 23, 2000Spyro: Year of the Dragon features a little reference to Sonic.2

5Arrow R Ty the Tasmanian Tiger2002 2002The trailer for Ty the Tasmanian Tiger features a character based on Spyro.


Arrow L & R

Crash Bandicoot20031111 November 11, 2003Spyro is an unlockable character in the GBA version of Crash Nitro Kart and Spyro and Crash reference each other in their games1

4Arrow L Mario20041103 November 03, 2004Mergatroid from Spyro: A Hero's Tail is based on Mario.

5Arrow R Asterix20051016 October 16, 2005In Asterix & Obelix XXL 2: Mission: Las Vegum there are Spyro references.

5Arrow R Ratchet & Clank20051025 October 25, 2005Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! features two enemies that serve a basis for Ratchet and Clank. Also, the Rank-O-Meter features a character named Agent Zero from Spyro 2.1


Double Arrow R

Skylanders20111012 October 12, 2011Skylanders is a spinoff to the Spyro series.