This page explains in detail the interactions between the Street Fighter series and the Tekken series. (Note that the page's name just happens to be the same as the game Street Fighter X Tekken)

Street Fighter X Tekken

SF-X-Tekken box art

201236 March 6, 2012

Street Fighter6 Dash Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken is a direct crossover between the two series. Produced by Capcom, it features gameplay based on Street Fighter (opposite to Tekken X Street Fighter), featuring 2D movement and six attack buttons: low, medium, high (power) punch and low, medium, high (power) kick. Like in the Street Fighter series, characters have few special moves rather than many basic moves and their inputs are mostly a combination of direction buttons followed by one single attack button. The game features a roster of 20 basic Street Fighter characters, 20 basic Tekken characters, plus 6 Street Fighter characters and 6 Tekken characters downloadable in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game and default characters in PlayStation Vita and PC versions. PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of the game also feature guest appearances from Capcom's Pac-Man, Namco's Mega Man and Sony's Cole from Infamous and Toro and Kuro from Doko Demo Issyo.

The standard characters from the two series featured in the game are:

Street Fighter:


The downloadable characters (default in PlayStation Vita and PC versions) are:

Street Fighter: Cody, Guy, Sakura, Blanka, Dudley, Elena.

Tekken: Bryan, Jack-X (based on Jack-6), Lars, Alisa, Lei, Christie.

All characters are featured with the same look as in their most recent appearance, with the exception of Yoshimitsu, whose look is based on his Tekken 3/Tekken Tag Tournament appearance.

Due to the Street Fighter-based gameplay, Tekken character's moveset has been changed in some cases. One of the most signifant changes is the addition of projectile moves for some characters such as Jin and Raven.

Tekken X Street Fighter

Street Fighter6 Dash Tekken

Tekken X Street Fighter is a direct crossover between the two series. Produced by Namco Bandai, it will feature gameplay based on Tekken (opposite to Street Fighter X Tekken) supposedly featuring 3D movement and four attack buttons: left punch, right punch, left kick, right kick with characters having many basic moves rather than few special moves and their inputs being mostly combinations of attack buttons.


Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter are crossover works created by a collaboration between Street Fighter's company Capcom and Tekken's company Namco Bandai.

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