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The Tower is a series of management simulation videogames by OPeNBooK, where the player has to build and manage a tall building.

Seven games where released, all sharing the same formula:

  • The Tower (1994), Windows, Mac OS 7. A Sega Saturn version, and a slightly enhanced PlayStation version titled The Tower: Bonus Edition were released in 1996. Only the PC version was released outside Japan, titled SimTower: The Vertical Empire. Re-released in 2010 for iOS.
  • The Tower II (1998), PC. Released outside Japan as Yoot Tower.
  • The Tower SP (April 28, 2005), Game Boy Advance.
  • The Tower DS (June 26, 2008), Nintendo DS.
  • The Tower DS Classic (August 26, 2009), DSiWare.

Two additional DSi games were only released in Japan in 2009, respectively on September 30th and October 21st.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Sim199411 November 1994The Tower was released outside Japan as SimTower.1

4Arrow L Mario20090826 August 26, 2009The Tower DS Classic features a "Mario Tower" as a special building.2


Double Arrow R

Project Highrise20160908 September 08, 2016Project Highrise is a spiritual successor to The Tower.3

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