Tinkle Pit is amazearcade game that was released by Namco in December 1993 only in Japan; it runs upon Namco NA-1 hardware and features many of the characters from the company's earlier games (including: the Galaxian flagship, Pac-Man, the Rally-X Special Flag, the Solvalou from Xevious, Mappy from his self-titled game and several others besides, many of whom only initially appeared in the game they were created for).

Links in the Other Series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Pac-Man199312 December 1993Pac-Man and Blinky appear in Tinkle Pit.1

4Arrow L Rally-X199312 December 1993The car and flags from Rally-X appear as special items in Tinkle Pit.1

4Arrow L Dig Dug199312 December 1993Dig Dug, Pooka and Fygar appear in Tinkle Pit.1

4Arrow L Galaxian199312 December 1993Enemies from Galaxian appear as items in Tinkle Pit.2