A toy story

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Buzz and woody

Woody and Buzz, the main characters of the series

Toy Story is a film series by Pixar and Disney.


Toy Story (November 22nd 1995)

Toy Story 2 (November 24th 1999)

Toy Story 3 (June 12th 2010)

Toy Story 4 (June 21st 2019)

TV and shorts

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (August 8th 2000 - January 13th 2001)

Hawaiian Vacation (June 24th 2011)

Small Fry (November 23rd 2011)

Partysaurus Rex (September 14th 2012)

Toy Story of Terror! (October 16th 2013)

Toy Story That Time Forgot (December 2nd 2014)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Luxo, Jr.19951122 November 22, 1995The Luxo ball makes an appearance in Toy Story.1
4Arrow L Mickey Mouse19951122 November 22, 1995A drawing of Mickey Mouse makes an appearance in Toy Story.2
4Arrow L The Lion King19951122 November 22, 1995Andy's mother plays the song Hakuna Matata in the car.2.5
4Arrow L Mr. Potato Head19951122 November 22, 1995Mr. Potato Head appears in the Toy Story Franchise.1
5Arrow R A Bug's Life19981125 November 25, 1998The Pizza Planet Truck appears in A Bugs Life next to a mobile home.1
4Arrow L Barbie19991124 November 24, 1999Barbie appears in the Toy Story Franchise.1
5Arrow R Monsters (Pixar)20011102 November 02, 2001In Monsters, Inc , When Randall is banished, the pizza planet truck from Toy Story can be seen parked outside the mobile home. (Which is officially the same trailer as in A Bug's Life)).1
5Arrow R Finding Nemo20030530 May 30, 2003The Pizza Planet Truck appears in Finding Nemo.1
5Arrow R The Incredibles20041027 October 27, 2004The Pizza Planet Truck appears in The Incredibles.1
5Arrow R Cars20060609 June 09, 2006The Pizza Planet Truck appears in both Cars movies.1
5Arrow R Ratatouille20070622 June 22, 2007The Pizza Planet Truck appears in Ratatouille.1
5Arrow R WALL-E20080623 June 23, 2008The Pizza Planet Truck appears in WALL-E.1
5Arrow R Up (Pixar)20090529 May 29, 2009The Pizza Planet Truck appears in Up.1
4Arrow L My Neighbor Totoro20100612 June 12, 2010Totoro appears in the Toy Story Franchise.1
4Arrow L LittleBigPlanet20110803 August 03, 2011Outfits based on Toy Story characters are downloadable in LittleBigPlanet 2.2
4Arrow L Condorman20111123 November 23, 2011Condorman appears in the Toy Story Franchise.1
5Arrow R Brave (Pixar)20120610 June 10, 2012The Pizza Planet Truck appears in as a wooden carving in Brave.3
5Arrow R Disney Infinity20131001 October 01, 2013characters from Toy Story are characters in Disney Infinity.1
5Arrow R Inside Out (Pixar)20150619 June 19, 2015The Pizza Planet Truck appears in Inside Out.1
5Arrow R The Big Bang Theory2015921 September 21, 2015Penny quotes the song "You Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story.2
5Arrow R Crossy Road20160328 March 28, 2016Disney Crossy Road has Toy Story characters.1
5Arrow R Lego Minifigures201605 May 2016The Disney series of Lego Minifigures includes Buzz Lightyear and the green alien from Toy Story.1
5Arrow R Kingdom Hearts2018 2018Buzz and Woody were suppose to be in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, but were cut. Their untexture models can be found in the game's code. A stage in Kingdom Hearts III is based on Toy Story.1

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